REFRESH Bible Study

Gathering together for instructive teaching and lively discussion is a great way for us to experience God and grow in our faith.  Our Wednesday night Bible study is designed to give us the spiritual boost we need in the middle of the week. 

Jesus is our Savior and Friend, our Shepherd and Forgiver.  He wants us to live with conviction, confidence, and compassion.  ZOOM in with us as we discover what it means to follow Jesus and to live for the glory of God.  You can contact the church or email Pastor Gene to be added to the ZOOM email list. 

Drama Program

Are you interested in exploring a new, creative way to praise the Lord?  A drama program would be a fun way for people of all ages to get together and tell the stories we all love, in ways you’ve never seen them told before.

Anyone and everyone are welcome to participate. Join us July 9th, right after the service, for a brain storming session, if you’re interested! You can also contact Alix Lindbergh (402-212-2692) if you have questions.

National Ice Cream Day


Semi-Annual Business Meeting

Join us after church on Sunday, July 16, to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! Join us in the Fellowship Area, create the ice cream sundae of your choice, and take the opportunity to hear updates on Bethel's ministry. We'll be presenting our financial report for the first half of 2023, along with other information on what's going on at Bethel. This is a great opportunity to have some ice cream, come together to celebrate God's blessings, and unite together in serving the Lord with faith, hope, and love!